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The gang attends a Halloween party.

Jordan shows up at the police station to talk with Nathan.

Audrey and Claire go to a haunted house to follow up on a missing person, and one by one Duke, Tommy, Nathan and Jordan all show up through a missing front door.

Audrey begins having visions of being Lucy inside the house.

The house keeps changing, creating walls and removing doors to separate and confuse the occupants.

Nathan tells Jordan he's investigating a serial killer with the tattoo.

Duke and Tommy overhear Nathan and Jordan through the house's PA system.

Audrey discovers The Colorado Kid is James Cogan.

Nathan and Jordan grow closer.

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No offense but if I was Duke I kill Nathan one of these days for threatening me every time I turn around he has a gun to my head and Duke can end him any time he wants too its his job fix troubled people for good. I think Nathan steps over the line a lot with Duke, I sure in heck wouldn't take that every week from him sooner or later I be straighten him out.

Haven Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Claire: No costume?
Audrey? Me? Dress up as someone else? No. I feel like I do that every day of my life. I could have actually been a cheerleader at one...
Claire: I'm a vampire slayer.
Audrey: Sure, that's cool.

It amazes me how some men struggle with chivalry.