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Five-0 is in hot pursuit of a shooter who guns down one of their own and wounds another.  While another team member is forced to choose which of their kidnapped loved ones will live and which will die. 

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Oh My God! They really rocked this finale. Better than last year. Bravo everyone. I cried at the end with Cho holding Malia. And I know I never said this on here adn you dont have to believe me but friends of mine on other boards will know why I was buzzing in my seat over the very end. I guessed the first time Shelbourne was brought up that is was his mom. I was told I was crazy but car accidents are commonly used when people go into hiding. I never thought we'd get to hear Steve's words. I thought at most a hello or just Steve's reaction and then end. And apparently little Miss bad girl got her taste of playing bad from another CBS show. Bravo Tara Cole for being one sick chick. You got what you deserve.


Soooo excited. And I don't know what to believe may or may not happen tonight. But it will rock.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

Danny: Alright with the Navy Seal death stare, what are you going to water board me till I tell you about my private phone call?
Steve: No, I'm just trying to get you to tell me because we're friends and I'm worried.

Joe: Now that Wo Fat is in jail it's time for you to meet Shelburne.
Steve: Oh you're just going to take me to Shelburne.
Joe: That's why I'm here.