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-When a tour company operator turns up dead, a surf gang who believe that he brought sharks to their territory seem like the likeliest suspects.

-But when a human arm turns up in a shark's stomach, the team is led to a group of fishermen, the real killers.

-The teams discover that the fishermen encountered a lost shipment of drugs in the ocean, and took it for their own; they murdered the tour guide for witnessing their crimes, then turned on each other until only one fisherman remained.

-The team is ready to bust the remaining fisherman as he attempts to complete a drug deal...only to be busted themselves by a rival drug gang, who take everyone hostage.

-Thanks to the intervention of Kono, the team wrestles back control of the situation, subduing the gang and arresting the fisherman.

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Episode 3.20 I am guessing will be the first time we finally will see Catherine working as a Navy Intel officer because she has to go with Steve as a Navy officer to Korea and they both will be acting as Navy officers and it be the mother epic episode we all be waiting to see.
So anotehr Catherine and Steve centric episode. By the way I loved Mondays episode I was feeling I was wathcing a Season 1 episode, the 4 core working togehter again plus Fong and Max and Kame and not extra characters to butt in and addede the way it should be. Kawika and the Kapu were back but they were part of the story and Im glad to see them again. Catherine scene was unnecessary I dont know why she even was on the episode for like 4 minites, she was not really needed. Was it there just to see her in a bikini?


Part 4 Catherine did not add anything and by the look of it Steve forgot everything that she lied to him and he moved on like nothing happened. So the scene was only like for us to see that they make up and move on. If I was him I still be mad at catherine for lying to me about some serious stuff about my mom. Seeing Catherine in that small scene where her presence was unnecessary but she has to be shoved in for reason, made me realized how well the 4 core team works without her. She was not in teh episode per se and the 4 core members work very good only the 4 of them. No Doris either and the 4 members with the help of Fong, Max and Kame worked nicely. That is why she needs to work in Intel to help the team not be part of the team and act like a cop-


Part 3 The ending was funny with Kame piloting the helicopter and everyone signing the Magnum Pi theme song. Priceless The things that I did not like because totally unnecessary. Why Catherine was there? Her presence was totally useless and unnecessary it had no sense at all., she did not add anything to the episode. Like Kamekona said she was there only to distract the viewers seeing her in a bikini. She could have been there with regular clothes why in a bikini? She was only tehre like 4 minutes but Steve could have done good only with Kame on the scene and Catherine oculd have not been felt at all. Part 3


Part 2. Finally carguements were back adn Danny was annoying sure bu tthe kid of annyoing I put up from Season 1. The story was a little bit complex as it had a lot of things and details but I could take it. Kawika and Kapu were back and Im glad, It was like an episode of Season 1. Once again do not mess with Kono she is one lethal lady!! and Im glad I see the 4 core working together again as a team. Steve always making fun of Danny love it and like telling him why he takes everything so seriously. Cont part 3


I love the episode. I felt I was watching one from Season 1 finally. The 4 core this time work as a team. Love the part of Kono and Steve helping the brotehrs dead guy at the boat at the end and I love also Chin and Danno giving a helping hand to the Kapu and Kavika. The chin and leilani scene took me by a total surprise did not see that coming totally unexpected but this may only mean that soon Chin romantic life will continue to be developed and those 2 will be a couple. Cont part 2


Love the ending with the Magnum P.I. theme funny as hell.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

We've been working on getting you a public defender, but no one can believe you're this stupid.

Danny Williams

Steve McGarrett: Book him, Kono.
Danny Williams: Oh! Where's the love?