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-A Texas Ranger heads to Hawaii to find his missing daughter. 

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Why is there no review of this episode????? Not action packed as the season premiere but I liked it!! BAMF Kono is always a treat but I am scared for them and for what Adam will do to keep Kono safe. I know not many fans will agree with me but I loved the Steve/Cath SL in these ep. Finally Steve showed a side I love he support his girlsfriend encourage Cath to take the job and telling her "We're good nothing's gonna to change that" So Steve and Wo Fat aren't brothers. That was to obvious hmmm now I wonder if Doris is Steve's real mom. Great to see Steve's opens up to Danny about Cath working with Billy and Danny giving him advice Steve should listen to Danny. Glad to see the Marquis back and the new black Camaro for Danny looks awesome I knew Steve wouldn't let Danny drive his own car, Danny needs to man up a take his keys back ASAP!! Ray Harper Texas Ranger was a copie of Steve McGarrett, breaking the law to find his daughter. Danny with Grace there scene are always a joy to watch.....Monkey finally hit a homerun YAY!!


OK so the DNA tests said no match between Steve and WoFat. They better have a good explanation for Doris' actions then. I hope she and WoFat aren't lovers.


About the gun part - I think it was empty after Kono shot yakuza guys, but surely she should have been more cautious while leaving the house. Someone could have waited still outside. Other than thant,it was decently written episode - H50 works best for simple stories and well chosen guest-stars like Tim Daly doing Chuck Norris impersonation form the famous "Walker, Texas ranger".
Danno got the best line "hey stupid" before he took down they baddie in the docks. And there was nice Ohana moment at the end with Grace.


I'm happy that this show is back again. This was a great episode except for one small detail and that was early in the episode where Kono and Adam are attacked in the cabin. After the excellent fight, Kono (a seasoned law enforcement professional I remind you) TOSSES the handgun on the floor and they walk out. Maybe it's just me, but that's a serious act of stupidity on the writers part. Anyone worth their salt in that capacity would have confiscated, very quickly ALL of the weapons within sight. Other than that, it was a great episode. This show always impresses me and it always seems to stay on point and is fresh.