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Helix Season 1

"Dans L'ombre"

The Scythe informs Alan and Jules of a Narvik outbreak in Puerto Rico. Arctic Biosystems goes up in flames in the Helix season finale.

"The Reaping"

On Helix, The Scythe is tasked with retrieving the Narvik virus and cure by Ilaria. Hatake loses a loved one.

"Black Rain"

Julia discovers a cure, just as the Vectors infect several scientists. Ilaria's kill squad arrives.


In there last attempt to call for help, Alan and Julia make it to an abandoned satellite station on Helix.

"Level X"

Walker and Alan take on a dangerous mission when they decde to destroy the rest of the NARVIK virus on Helix.


When Sutton's relationship with Hatake is revealed, Sutton holds Walker prisoner on Helix.

"Survivor Zero"

Hatake works to protect Walker from Sutton's mercenaries on Helix.


Jordan and Alan attempt to decode the virus while Hatake secretly cures Walker on Helix.

"The White Room"

Members of the CDC begin to realize that no one on the base is who they seem on Helix.

"Single Strand"

As the crisis turns deadly, Alan and the team struggle to handle secrets and suspicions that come to light on Helix.


The number infected rises on this episode of Helix. Alan forces Hatake to open up a new section of the base as a result.


The problem at the lab grew even worse this week. It's the second-ever episode of Helix.


Helix takes us inside the world of infectious disease. A team of scientists is dispatched to look into an outbreak.

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