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Hell on Wheels Season 1

"God of Chaos"

It's the season one finale of Hell on Wheels. Look for Cullen's past and future to collide to close out the first season.


Cullen and Lily are thrown together this week, due to a looming railroad demand. Elsewhere, Joseph and Elam deal with the consequences of their violent mission.


Durant gives Elam and Cullen a new mission this week, while Lily attempt to settle in at the settlement on Hell on Wheels.


Elam's life hangs in the balance on this episode of Hell on Wheels. Elsewhere, Durant takes a major risk with his money.

"Pride, Pomp and Circumstance"

Durant lays out a challenge to the Cheyenne this week on Hell on Wheels, while Elam and Cullen attempt to prevent bloodshed in town.

"Bread and Circuses"

Elam and Cullen go at it on Hell on Wheels this week. Their fight is the result of Durant's latest actions.

"Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai"

Cullen nears the end of his search for the sergeant on this week's Hell on Wheels. Elsewhere, Durant assists Lily's recuperation.

"A New Birth of Freedom"

Cullen searches for the sergeant this week, but he confronts an impediment. Elsewhere, Durant tries to Lily down in the wilderness.

"Immoral Mathematics"

Cullen ends up in a battle for his life on Hell on Wheels this week. Elsewhere, Durant attempts to turn a tragedy into a political advantage.

Hell on Wheels introduces us here to its vision of post-Civil War America. It's centered around a cowboy named Cullen Bohannon.

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