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On this week's Hell On Wheels…

Bohannon, Ferguson, Black Moon, and the Union soldiers fight off Pawnee Killer and his warriors. Black Moon kills his brother.

Ferguson brings back scalps for money and Durant offers him a potential job off the books.

Bohannon leads the charge on making it to the 40 mile marker for railroad construction and succeeds.

Sean McGinnes and Mickey McGinnes return from Chicago with new slides for their show. Sean tries to convince Bohannon to kill the Swede, but Bohannon tells him to go to Durant and notify him that The Swede has been stealing from him.

After getting close to Lily Bell, Durant tells Bohannon that the Swede has called in Federal Marshals to arrest him.

Black Moon returns upset and Ruth consoles him.

The Union soldier comes looking for Black Moon but finds the Reverend instead. He asks him to forgive Black Moon but he refuses, so the Reverend cuts off his head.

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Great production ! Difficult to wait for season two !


Hell on Wheels delivered in the Timshe.
A choppy battle with a decent win and ambiguous consequences. Lily Bell showed some ignorance on how to operate a surveying instrument. She did not have a field book in her hand, While it makes a beautiful picture to have her resting her hand on the instrument, a good surveyor would seldom do that. The railroad crew showed significant interest in actually building a railroad, thank goodness. The saloon after that would have been so full that you couldn’t see the chairs. The endearing pictures of Lily through the front window, again a beautiful picture, but . . . Of course, in the next episode the Credit Mobilier will be receiving government funding by the train load.
Lily Bell will marry the Irishman with the hole in the head. What, you don’t believe that? Well, it took a lot of stretchers to get us this far.