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On this terrible episode of Heroes...

- Tracy randomly showed up, rescued Claire and HRG from the sunken trailer and then disappeared again.

- Father and daughter were then taken by Lauren (who had just been hanging around the hospital and was no longer injured, apparently) to NYC where Samuel was holding his carnival. Sylar and Peter also showed up there because they easily escaped the duplicating guy at Parkman's house.

- Sylar helped Emma escape from playing the cello, which Doyle had been forcing her to do.

- Hiro, meanwhile, met up again with Charlie in the hospital. She was really old because Samuel sent her back in time. She had a family, so Hiro said goodbye and also left for NYC, since HRG had somehow called Ando and summoned them there.

- At the carnival, Hiro teleported everyone away from Samuel, which caused him to grow weak. He had no ability left, and he also had no family: they were all willing to go with Hiro because Parkman controlle the duplicating dude's head and he told everyone the truth: that Samuel killed Lydia.

- Volume five ended with Samuel in custody and then volumne six began with Claire, once again, defying her father. She climbed to the top of the ferris wheel, in front of reporters, and was fine. They all gasped. Guess it's a brave new world no, huh!

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Wow the person who wrote the review sounds like a jackass who never liked the show from the start. You shouldn't end a review by saying the show should end. Here are some things to consider this show still has some of their best ratings and is widely accepted throughout the international community. ABC would buy the show if ever dropped just like Scrubs. Okay i do agree the shows plot this season had a lot of gaps and some episodes seemes likeed their were bulshitting in storyline. I did like the carnival characters who had depth. Which was realy only Samuel. I dont like how they bring back characters like puppetman or "Tracy" or how we have learned they dont kill off any important characters and we can assume any minor character might die. I'm actually surprised Noah's partner didn't. There were a lot of weak points like solving Hiros tumor with a dream. And then plot points that aren't exciting like just saying hey lets find a reason so Hiro doesn't end up getting what his entire story this season was about, Charlie. Its very anti-climatic. HEROES NEEDS MORE ACTION. Remember last season when Nathan & Peter were about to face off with Sylar all we got to see was doors. They need new writers. Maybe some from Marvel? MORE Action. Every episode should have some. Less confusing plot points. (syler/Nathan) They should be less predictable and have a set plot all characters can build into without seeming like they forced it.


Seriously, are you guys serious, this used to be a good show but it has turned into one of the worst shows ever... only reason I finished this season is cause I've wasted so many hours that I figured, I have to ride it out till the end. Each week I want to poke my eyes out and each week I hope for better but am dissappointed. Eye doctor's must be swamped these days... the conclusion with Charlie and Hiro, and Sylar losing his balls, wth... You guys who say it's good must be nuts... and yes, Heroes des SUCK Donkey POOP!


Haven't watched the finale yet but I can probably guess what happens. Overall I think this season was pretty good, nowhere near season 1 but still a step in the right direction. I have liked seasons 3 and 4. Granted there are still some holes that need to be filled but its not as bad as some of the reviews intend it to be. I would give this season a 6 or 7/10. The writers know what they are doing and sometimes we just have to take the show for what it is, a show... Claire was starting to annoy me until episode 17 where she actually finally just trusted her father without being mad at him..I am hoping this finally helps evolve that storyline because the Claire/HRG storyline has alot of potential and im hoping next season gets to realize that instead of the Claire mad/HRG explaining himself, etc. Hiro's storyline did get messed up but they didn't have a use for him this season really. I think they probably did in the beginning but then realized that he wasn't really needed so they wrote him off the island for a little bit Sylar starting to turn good I actually liked..Im hoping this opens the door for a more creative storyline next season.. This is still one of the better shows on TV


Heroes is a great show...just started watching it this season and i went out and bought the first two and finished em both...I dont really understand why your hatin on the show so much..everyones entitled to their opinion tho...and heres mine...you sir are a jackass and i hope heroes goes on forever because I love it and i will take comfort in the fact that you are somewhere crying that its a "terrible" show.


I think the episode was great. I've watched the show from the beginning with my wife, and we are still excited, yeah there were some slumps in season 3 or 4 but since then things are pretty great. Keep it up.


I just got started on Heroes at the beginning of season 4 and I found the season great. I want there to be another season, everything was so spectacular.


I can't want to see "Claire's New World". This will be a fantastic season.


I agree completely show was anti-climatic and just poorly done. Ali Larter should of never came back after the 1st season if this is what her role is gonna be. Why Peter hasn't just taken all of Sylar's powers already is beyond me. And they built a whole season of this Carnival up for that was WEAK!! NBC just put this show out of it's misery or Fire Tim Kring and all of it's writers b/c turning one of the best villian's on TV into a good guy is terrible!


That was the season finale, your knowledge on the program jamie jenkins shows how valid your opinion is


i dont care what anybody says heroes is amazing
you just cant beat it cant wait for next weeks!!!!