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Masi Oka is hilarious. The Heroes actor was recently featured in the magazine Geek Monthly - and he takes pride in being labeled a geek ...
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It's been quite the week at Heroes Fanatic. That's what a season premiere will do. Here are the latest articles and features on the sit...
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Can't get enough of Heroes? Here's your chance to see how the cast interacts when the cameras aren't rolling. The NBC cameras, that is. Adrian Pasdar has been videotaping random "snapshots into the life of what we do when we're not filming," as he puts it - and has posted a lot of the footage on YouTube under the name "Buckshotwon...
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After the season premiere of Heroes, one thing is abundantly clear: Dania Ramirez will be running a lot. She also has a scary super power. As far as the former fact is concerned, however, the actress who plays Maya is lucky she works out regularly with well-known celebrity trainer, Ramona Bragan...
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Can you ever escape?

Mohinder Suresh

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