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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6

Very Sunny Christmas Pic
"A Very Sunny Christmas: Part 2"

Part two of the Always Sunny broadcast version of the show's Christmas DVD.

Frank in the Couch
"A Very Sunny Christmas: Part 1"

The Always Sunny Christmas special, which was previously released on DVD, now airs edited as part of season six.

Dee finally gives birth during this episode of It's Always Sunny.

"The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods"

En route to Atlantic City for a charity event, Mac, Frank and Dee get lost. Meanwhile, Dennis and Charlie hitch a ride to town.

"Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats"

When the gang thinks it's Charlie's birthday, they try to throw a surprise party for the unappreciated guy.

"Dee Reynolds: Shaping America's Youth"

Sweet Dee gets a job as a substitute teacher, while Charlie becomes a janitor; The guys do a screening for Lethal Weapon 5.

"The Gang Gets a New Member"

After opening up an old time capsule, the guys try to recruit back an old member of their gang, while Dee goes to thank her old drama teacher.

"Who Got Dee Pregnant?"

When Dee tells the gang she's pregnant and one of them is the father, they spend the night trying to recount a Halloween party.

"Mac's Mom Burns Her House Down"

When Mac's mom burns her house down, the gang suggest she moves in with Mrs. Kelly; Frank tries to take care of a sick Dee.

"Mac and Charlie: White Trash"

When Mac and Charlie can't get into a private pool, they attempt to renovate their own pool; Dennis and Dee set out to prove they're upper class and can get in.

After correctly answering a radio trivia question, Mac finally gets a chance to make it big. Meanwhile, the Reynolds start their own internet podcast.

"The Gang Buys a Boat"

The gang pools together money and buys a boat, but all for different, conflicting reasons.

"Dennis Gets Divorced"

When Dennis marries his high school sweetheart, Maurine Ponderosa, he realizes he needs to get divorced.

"Mac Fights Gay Marriage"

When Mac learns his transvestite ex-girlfriend has completed her operation and marries another man, he fights gay marriage!

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