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The Jersey Shore crew is headed to Miami.

The Situation, Pauly D, Snooki and JWOWW road trip down the east coast. There are fireworks involved. Literally.

Ronnie, Vinnie, Sammi and that Angelina girl fly down to South Beach.

The surprise arrival of former housemate Angelina, who no one expected provides much of the drama for the night.

The other drama picking up right where it left off in Seaside is provided by the fact that Ronnie and Sam are newly single, but fighting like they are still together.

She says she still has feelings for him and wants to rekindle their relationship. But tensions boil over at the club when he wants to go absolutely wild, hooking up with grenades and land mines left and right.

Meanwhile, the girls want to fight Angelina really bad. No one likes her.

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Sammi is a horrible role model for women and is a disgrace. She is teaching women that it is okay to return to a guy who not only walks all over them but also treats them like dirt. JWOWW and Snooki were in a tough situation, but all in all, I thought the note was a smart way to inform Sammi of Ron's wrong-doings. Sammi should not have continually asked the girls about Ron if she didn't want to hear the truth. When she hears the truth, she becomes angry at JWOWW. Has she ever heard the saying, "Don't kill the messenger?"


You and Fat ass nicole need to leave the show. Get some class.

Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

My bronzer is leaking off my face.


[to Ronnie] Gym, tan, smush, huh?