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SVU investigates the pregnancy of thirteen-year old Ella to determine if she is the victim of a sex crime. Initially, she refuses to name the father of her child, but Benson and Amaro find out that the son of Ambassador Andrew Raines allegedly raped Ella after getting her drunk at a party.

Ella refuses to get an abortion and believes she will end up married to Tripp, Raines' son, despite his outright dismissal. The Raines family refuses to believe her story, but turn to the police for help when their son goes missing.

Tripp's body is found in central park and the detectives question Ella's friend Arturo, who happens to be the son of the Raines' former maid and was the last person to talk to Tripp. Arturo admits that he found out Andrew Raines was his father, but instead of getting the love and acceptance of his father, he and his mother were forced to move out of the house with a huge settlement. He admits to meeting with Tripp in the park and killing him because he was upset with being cast aside and bought off by the Raines family.

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Professor Brown:Thank you for your ideas on this matter. I agree that there is a hazy line eeewbtn childhood and adulthood, and innocence versus guilt. Is there an age during which morals are permanently instilled within the self? Our society seems to think legal age of adulthood marks this transition of morals into concrete being. I think this episode brings us back to a question we asked during class Are there exceptions to the Law? Can some people be suspended outside of moral and ethical boundaries? I also agree that witnessing violence and experiencing violence have a twisted relationship. Experiencing could imply you were a direct victim or that you had some part in acting out the violence. Witnessing usually means that you simply watch the events occur before your eyes, but isn't this also a type of experience? Even though Infected certainly raises more questions, I thought this was such an interesting episode. It is really exciting to see the material we cover in class surround us in our daily lives.

Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

Finn: Little punk thinks he can't be touched.
Rollins: I wonder why.

You and your office have lost your nerve.

Benson to Novak