Legit Season 1


A woman comes forward claiming to be pregnant with Billy's child on the season finale of Legit.


Jim and Steve get into some trouble

"Hat Hair"

Jim won't take his hat off at a baseball game on Legit.

"Cuckoo's Nest"

Jim becomes a volunteer at Billy's adult-care facility.

"Bag Lady"

With his house swarmed by paparazzi, Jim must sneak a celebrity out of his home on Legit.


When Jim realizes that Janice has become a hoarder, he stages an intervention on Legit.


Jim tries to become an actor and Billy takes on the role of dating expert on Legit.


Steve gets some unexpected information about his ex-wife while Jim is rejected from a mentoring program on Legit.


Billy, Steve and Jim must testify in court after they experience a break in on Legit.


On Legit, Jim ends up in the middle of an argument about how to act on a plane.


On Legit, in order to find Billy a girlfriend Jim and Steve create his profile on his online dating site.


On Legit, things go awry when Steve and Jim spring Bille from his adult care facility.


Legit is from the mind of Jim Jeffries. Read on for a rundown of the pilot.

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