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Lost Girl Season 2

"Flesh and Blood"

On the season finale of Lost Girl, Bo hopes that Trick will have a weapon that will help her but another deceit may sabotage the mission.

"Into the Dark"

On Lost Girl, Bo works with her sworn enemy as the battle with the Fae approaches.

"Lachlan's Gambit"

On Lost Girl, when those closest to her suffer, Bo makes a dangerous choice that endangers her life.

"Truth and Consequences"

On Lost Girl, Bo and Kenzi begin to question their commitment when war and casualties see imminent.

"Fae-nted Love"

On Lost Girl, after a steamy night goes horribly wrong, Trick and Kenzi must save Bo from the fallout.

"The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire"

On Lost Girl, when Bo attempts to help save some important people, she gets dragged into Fae politics.

"School's Out"

On Lost Girl, Bo's investigation takes her undercover as a teacher. Lauren returns.

"Table for Fae"

On Lost Girl, when human backpackers go missing, the investigation leads Bo to something that could change her physique.

"Midnight Lamp"

On Lost Girl, Bo acquires an unlikely partner when she accepts a proposal from the Ash.

"Barometz. Trick. Pressure"

On Lost Girl, Bo gets a shocking response when she confronts Ash. Trick risks a look into the future.


On Lost Girl, can Dyson and Bo find the key that may free Lauren from the Fae?

"Can't See the Fae-rest"

On Lost Girl, when a string of murders point to class warfare, Bo goes undercover to investigate.

"Raging Fae"

On Lost Girl, Bo stumbles onto an underground fighting ring in which Fae battles Fae.

"Original Skin"

On Lost Girl, a dark Fae's plot leads to Bo having an out of body experience after her beer is spiked.

"Death Didn't Become HIm"

On Lost Girl, Bo, Lauren, and Dyson all help Trick's friend try and find his husband.

"Fae Gone Wild"

On Lost Girl, Bo goes undercover at a strip club to find an escaped murderer.

"It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away"

On Lost Girl, when graffiti happens to expose Fae secrets, Bo must find the artist.

"BrotherFae of the Wolves"

On Lost Girl, when Dyson helps Bo, his medieval past comes back to haunt him.

"Mirror Mirror"

On Lost Girl, a drunken Kenzi calls about a witch to punish Dyson.

"Scream a Little Dream"

Bo checks out an apartment building where the residents seem to be losing their minds on Lost Girl.

"I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won)"

Bo receives a surprise visitor in her living room during a stag hunt to determine the next Ash.

"Something Wicked This Fae Comes"

After Aoife's attack, Bo must stop a cursed Fae who is planning to destroy Ash on the season premiere of Lost Girl.

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