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Events on the island itself during the series finale felt incredibly arbitrary. Let's go over them below:

- Rose and Bernard pulled Desmond out of the well, only for Locke to track them down and threaten to kill the couple unless Desmond cooperated. He agreed.

- On the way to the light source, they ran into Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Jack said he was fine with going along with Locke to the light because he'd kill him there. How? He had no real plan, but figured Desmond would be a weapon.

- At the light cave, Desmond was lowered down and essentially put the light out by uncorking it and having it escape. Up top, it started to storm and the island started to crumble. Locke said he was right, assuming the island would soon sink, but when Jack attacked him, Locke bled. Somehow, this made him human.

- Which came in handy later on: Jack and Locke fought on a cliff, as Locke wanted to climb down and get to his boat and sail away. Kate snuck up from behind and shot Locke. He died just like that. Jack sent Kate and Sawyer to the boat, so they could get over to Hydra Island (picking up Claire on the way) and meet up with an alive Lapidus, Miles and Richard, who were firing up the Ajira plane. Ben and Hurley chose to stay with Jack.

- When they got back to the light cave, Jack said he basically had to sacrifice himself to reignite the light. He appointed Hurley as his successor. When Jack got down to the cave, he hoisted Desmond back up, saving his life and successfully returned the light. Hurley saw Jack was not returning and asked Ben to help him be the new protector.

THE SIDEWAYS WORLD we later learned was a form of purgatory. Here's how we arrived there:

- There were numerous moments (such as Kate helping Claire give birth, Sawyer and Juliet touching hands) in which Sideways characters were enlightened. They knew who they were completely and what they had gone through. But not Jack. He was the final one.

- Kate tracked Jack down at David's concert and led him to a church, where she said everyone else was. In back? His father's coffin. Jack went there, but it was empty. He was greeted by Christian Shepard, who explained to us all what the Sideways world was:

It was a place the characters created (when Jacob touched them, we can safely presume) on the island. They had all died, some as we saw on the island, others many years later. But they had been waiting here for everyone to arrive. The place was created so they would find each other, rely on each other to accept the past, learn from it - and "move on," as Christian said. To where? It was never specified.

But when Jack stepped into the church, all the castaways were there. They hugged each other and sat down as Christian opened the main door, and let the light in. Quick cut back to the island, where Jack staggers around, bleeding. He falls to the ground. Vincent comes over and lies down next to him.

Jack sees a plane flying above, and we get a close up of his eye. It shuts.

Episode Number:

In the end the writers were "LOST" their creativities. Poor ending... They left millions of questions behind. I think they will try to continue... for the answers... But once again final was horrible....


Anyone who thought this was a great episode watched this series for the wrong reasons IMO.
This series was about posing mysteries and when you do that...you ANSWER them. Instead they where extremely sloppy and got lazy in the final epsisode. The writers found them selves with so many loose ends to tie up they just didn't feel like doing it...and decided to plop them all in a church...boom all dead...all together...there ya go happy ending. WTF?? TERRIBLE! Just a list of things there where not answered and they where lazy about
The true nature of the islands energy..and how it was discovred?
How did the energy create the smoke monster...and where did his humanity go?
Where where characters such was Charles, Daniel F, Robert, and a TON of other characters in the "afterlife? And what was with all the extra story lines in the "Afterlife" if it never actually happened? Pointless! Ugh, so many more loose ends it's terrible. I should've know they would leave so many things unanswered since they posed SO many mysteries...it was exptected they'd get lazy as to explaining them all. It's almost as if they wrote season 6 to lead up to what a ending they KNOW they should have made, and then diliberatly took a crap on it. IMO it was a great series...but wow they messed up the ending period.


The writers of "Lost" ran out of material and imagination around the 3rd season, then they filled the screen with too many back stories, flash forwards and flash sideways. What is a sideways flash anyway. Then, they used the trite deus ex machina to end the series. We viewers were left with many unanswered questions. And to use purgatory is just hokey. It had a terrible ending that let its viewers down.


I really expected more of an actual explanation, not an excuse not to explain anything. Why compass bearing 325? Eh, doesn't matter; all part of purgatory. Why did Walt appear on the island after he "left," and why was he so special? Not important, apparently he was a figment of everyone's imagination, since he didn't "move on" or even appear in the final episode. What exactly is the black smoke monster? Don't know, don't care. He was just there to torture poor souls in purgatory. Who are all the people who travel to and from the island? Whitmore and his henchman, the scientists, etc. Were they just there to move along the purgatory plot? Were they imaginary or are they other souls? What happened to Alex? She died on the island. Why didn't she get to come along? Well, she just wasn't ready to move on, I guess. Circular reasoning is what it is, begging the question in the true sense of the phrase. For example: Question: Why was purgatory an island? Answer: Because that's what purgatory is. Also, what the H - E - double hockey sticks is the "electromagnetic event" that rocked everybody's world (and potentially the entire world)? It's an event that happens in purgatory. Bleh! That's what I have to say. Bleh!


if you expected answers and things that would make you feel complete, then you were not true fans. Lets face it, Lost wasnt going to spill out every secrets it had. Trust me, I wanted to know more about the Dharma initative and why they took Walt. But I dropped my questions and embraced those happy moments of love that made me melt. So if you thought the ending was shitty, too bad for you. You invested 6 years into this show, the last thing you wanted to walk away with was dissapointment. But that's your choice. I will never forget the ending. They were right, this was a changing moment.


it was such a cheesy ending ... they managed to ruin everything that had made the show so exciting :(


I just didn't like the ending.It seemed more developed for the cast than the viewer. The Bright Light turns out to be such a disappointment. The MIB comes from that??!! What?! And all Desmond does is pull off the rock? I really expected the two realities to merge or something Epic to occur. Obviously it didn't.


there is no way that that is the real Juliet you guys are so gullible its not even funny lol fyl


I loved the final episode!!!! It was fantastic. There is nothing more boring than a series like this ending with everything wrapped up with a pretty bow around it. Those are the mindless dime a dozen programs that have filled television viewing hours for decades. I love the fact that much of what we wanted to know is left up for our interrpretation. That's how life is. We don't have the answers we might like in our relationship with our spouse, children, friends, etc. Why do we think we must know everything about the Lost world and its characters? That would be unrealistic. When I saw so much negativity at this posting site, it reminded me how much people like to wallow in "what's wrong" with things in the world. The show, in fact, has been a heck of a ride for six years, inclunding the final night. Count me in as someone who has been priviledged to enjoy this program from start to finish, and prays that another show in the future can bring the same kind of interest and excitement to my tv viewing as Lost. David


i would have really liked to have seen Locke turn into the black smoke b4 our eyes i thought for sure they would show that, and i would of liked them to have gone more in depth w those on the plane and what happened when they returned like Richard , disappointing

Lost Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Jack: Where are we?
Christian: This is a place you all made together so you could find one another...Nobody does it all alone. You needed them and they needed you.
Jack: For what?
Christian: To remember and to let go.

You're not John Locke, you disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you are nothing like him. It turns out he was right about just about everything. I just wish I could have told him that when he was still alive.