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The quest for Faraday's mother is on for Desmond. Faraday himself, meanwhile, finds himself still on the island, but in 1954.
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We have updated on whether we'll see two obscure women on Lost.. Ben's girlfriend, Annie, and Danielle Rousseau again.
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Matt Mitovich of TV Guide has introduced a new recurring video series, "Getting Lost," in which he'll try and get answers to the many Lost mysteries
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Lost is back! Season five premieres with survivors turned into fugitives and time traveling becoming a major theme on the island.
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Season five of Lost is only planning on introducing us to three new characters and thanks to some Lost spoilers by the New York Post, we have the info on one of them.
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TVGuide recently sat down with Jorge Garcia (Hurley on Lost) and discusses his character's role in the much anticipated upcoming season that premieres tomorrow night. Here's a small excerpt from the interview.
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Lost Quotes

I'll miss you John. I really will.


Locke: What is that?
Richard: It's a compass.
Locke: What does it do?
Richard: It ... points north, John.