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After arguing with his daughter then getting thoroughly embarrassed at an electronics store, Louie gets a visit from his uncle Excelsior who orders Louie to see his father, whom Louie hasn’t spoken to in two years.

As a result of the meal, Louie becomes sick, developing a rash on his neck and vomiting. His doctor believes his physical condition is a result of his emotional repression brought on by his non-existent relationship with his father, so he urges Louie to pay him a visit as well.

Soon, it seems everyone is ordering around Louie, calling him names and belittling him for not being a man and resolving whatever unsettled business he has with his father. Just when, Louie is about to come face to face with his father, he takes off down the street and doesn’t stop until he’s out in the middle of the ocean on a stolen speed boat laughing at his tragically comedic situation.

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I look forward to Louie episodes and was very disappointed watching this one. It was not funny and not entertaining. It starts out with Louie's daughter playing the violin until he finally interrupts her. The electronic store scene is typical of Louie bit. His uncle is amusing telling Louie to visit his father. I thought the poker scene would lead to something, like a similar episode, but again, nothing. It finally ends with an escape segment with Louie running away, to a motorcycle, and then a boat. That's it! Just not funny.