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Pete is miserable.  He is taking driving classes, and has his eye on a young lady in the course.  Trudy throws a dinner party where Don fixes the sink, and everyone finds out about Ken Cosgrove's writing habits.


After Lane's attempts to secure Jaguar fall through, Roger, Pete, and Don take the man out for the night.  He wants to party, so Roger brings them to a whore house.  Everyone gets a girl except Don.


The Jaguar guy's wife finds out what happened, which pulls the plug on the whole thing.  Lane finds out and wants to have it out with Pete.  The two men fight, and Pete is the one who hits the floor.

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My suggestion for the next build chaellnge is a tool or jig for the shop. I would make time be your only limit. I think this would be of interest to more people and practical to build. It would also expose everyone involved to new ideas and methods that we could use in our own shops.If it’s still available, I am interested in the free blade. Thanks


Wow, just absolutely NO chemistry between Don Draper and Megan nor between Jon Hamm and what's-her-name...sorry, but love the writing/atmosphere/characters. Not this time around..

Mad Men Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Megan: You should slow down.
Don: I'm timing this for when we arrive. I wanna hit the doorbell with my chin.

Lane: England won the World Cup.
Roger: Cup of what?