Mad Men

Sundays 10:00 PM on AMC
Mad men
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Peggy is trapped between Don and Ted.

Megan has troubles at work playing dual roles.

Betty is back down to her fighting weight and fighting off men. Henry is turned on by it.

Abe is stabbed near his and Peggy's apartment.

Henry and Pete both meet with Duck with the hopes of finding a new position elsewhere.

Ted is freaking out about the kiss with Peggy.

Don and Betty meet up on their way to visit Bobby at camp.

Arlene makes a pass at Megan.

Joan and Bob Benson go to the beach together.

In her fear at the apartment, Peggy stabs Abe in the abdomen.

After Ted declared his feelings for Peggy she hoped he might be there for her after Abe broke up with her.

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