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Flynn faces issues as his daughter's wedding grows closer. 

Rios annoys.

Rios tries to get the LAPD to do her job for her.

Rusty informs the group Chris can no longer spend time with him outside of school.

The case of the swim coach takes a terrible turn.

Chris' mother visits major crimes.

A press release rounds up all of Coach Frey's victims.

When Flynn decides to go to his daughter's wedding, Sharon offers to act as a buffer.

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Hi I believe its Walking Blind by Aidan Hawken.


What is the song that was played in the DEEP END video when Matty was sharing his pedophile abuse.... I would like to listen to that song and artist. I watch Major Crimes but this episode was a Steven Spielberg caliber. Best ever ... better than Closer series. Thanks,
Jim Sieh
Austin, Texas

Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Provenza: And we're hearing the DA's version of events already because....
Rios: Does the name Trayvon Martin mean anything to you? I'm sorry Lieutenant, if the LAPD isn't going to get ahead of the race issue then the DA's office will.
Provenza: Ah well, thanks for bringing politics into the situation. We police officers sometimes get confused by trying to solve the murder.

It can't stop the grief you're feeling, I know, but to us and to all the children he saved, your son is a hero.