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Rusty gains an unfair advantage on a school project. 

Lt. Tao is a technical adviser on a television show called Badge of Justice.

Rusty writes an essay that others deem inappropriate.

Jason the script writer helps Rusty re-write his essay.

The man they found covered in blood is a heroine dealer.

Manuel's mother is the true crime boss.

Jason has the hots for Amy.

Sharon has Rusty re-write his essay a third time.

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LOVE having Rusty in the show......adds a little something different from all of the other crime fighting/law type shows. Also shows the captain their has a heart!


Rusty is causing an unfair advantage to any other show that is airing opposite to Major Crimes. Get rid of that wining snotty teenager and get back to crime fighting and the fans will return.

Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Jason: So what's with all the blood?
Tao: It's what we call a clue, Jason. Excuse me.

That guys not our problem and don't say hot pursuit.