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Watch the trailer for Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 6 to find out who will be carrying on in an apartment next. Things are about to get spicy!
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On Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 4, Bill uses a self-help book in an attempt to relate to other people. Meanwhile, Virginia bonds with Daniel when she worries about Henry.
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When we talk about sex, we do not talk about love, Dr. Farber, because love cannot be rendered into columns and graphs as if it were the same as blood pressure or heart rate. Love is not a force exerted by one body onto another. It is the very fabric of those bodies. Love is that which carves the lines and grooves; the curvature of our desire.


Bill: Make sure he knows this evening's area of focus please. We'll be looking at men with enlarged prostates, primarily elderly men. Engaged in auto-manipulation.
Barbara: Auto, I'm sorry?
Bill: Old men masturbating!