Memphis Beat Season 2

Dwight on Guitar
"The Feud"

A family feud reaches its pinnacle this week on the Memphis Beat season finale. Elsewhere, Dwight's co-workers learn about his girlfriend.

Dwight with a Gun
"Ten Little Memphians"

A major storm hits Memphis this week, while Dwight and Whitehead are stuck inside a mansion. At the department, the squad attempts to identify an enigmatic man.

Identity Crisis Scene
"Identity Crisis"

There's a hostage situation at a bank this week. But Dwight soon learns the truth about the scam that lead to the holdup.

"Body of Evidence"

The body of a community pillar goes missing during his funeral this week. Dwight and Whitehead scramble to track down the corpse.

Dwight on Stage
"Troubled Water"

A party boat gets robbed this week, causing Dwight to embark on the trail of the culprits. The case actually involves one of his old friends.

Memphis Beat Trio
"The Things We Carry"

A famous movie theater burns down this week. Rice actually takes on the case, teaming up with Charlie White.

Jason Lee as Dwight
"Flesh and Blood"

A missing-persons case is at the center of this episode. Guess who emerges at the prime suspect: A nun.

Memphis Beat Duo

Dwight and Whitehead track down a man's daughter this week. Elsewhere, Rice's world is rocked by family developments.

Jason Lee Promo Pic
"Inside Man"

Have a group of criminals from a decade ago returned? That's the question on this episode, which guest stars Thomas Lennon.

Memphis Beat Season 2 Premiere
"At the River"

Jason Lee and Memphis Beat are back! Read on for a review of the second season premiere.

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