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Dante is asking for two million dollars for the sex tape he has of him and Juliette.  He then ups the ante to 10 million dollars, so Juliette decides to let him sell it.  She is going to get ahead of the story and go on The View to talk about it.  Jolene takes action into her own hands, kills Dante, destroys the tape, and overdoses on drugs.


Rayna wants to integrate Deacon into her life, bringing him over for dinner with the girls against Teddy's wishes.  Teddy in turn puts a restraining order on Deacon and the girls.


Gunnar continues to put on the outlaw act, but takes it too far when he ends up in jail.  Scarlett tells him that she won't be with him like this.  She also sang at the Grand Ole Opry.


Will finds out where Rayna is holding auditions for her label, shows up, knocks it out of the park, and is in serious contention for the spot.

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