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Even though he hates surprise parties, Juliette decides to throw Deacon one for his birthday anyway.  She plans on singing one of her new songs there, but her mom hits the bottle and Juliette has to take her home.


Rayna and Teddy’s divorce hits the tabloids and she can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi going after her. 


Teddy hires Peggy as a part of his administration, and also brings on Coleman as his deputy mayor.


Gunnar and his brother hit it off until Jason gets beaten to death in an alley.

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This episode was good.... but really missed some great opportunities. I am glad that Juliet was able to open up to the counselor. This was a great scene at the end. I also see the writing on the wall with Teddy and Lamar's nasty battle for control to unfold. I think that Peggy will be the linchpin that will be used against Teddy by Lamar. I was also happy to see Rayna accept the responsibilities of parenting instead of just hiding behind traveling all the time. The Avery pity party has got to stop. Why are they making us feel sorry for Avery when he is such a jerk. I like his character as the jerk that you just love to hate. The writers are toying with us, by trying to make him seem worth rooting for. How can you after he was so hurtful to his girlfriend and bandmates. Looking forward to next week's episode.

Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Deacon's having a birthday party? What are they doing a public screening of Old Yeller?


I'd love to forget about my past but it ain't gonna forget about me.


Nashville Season 1 Episode 14 Music

  Song Artist
Hayden panettiere we are water We Are Water Hayden Panettiere iTunes
Moon taxi mercury Mercury Moon Taxi iTunes
Song I Want Change The Record Company