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Just because we found out Rayna can't sing on this week's Nashville, that didn't stop us from loving all that went down in Music City. Read our latest review.
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The new head of Edgehill Records was making things difficult for both Rayna and Juliette on this week's Nashville. Will they both end up working together because of it?
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Much of the gang waited to see if Rayna was going to wake up from her coma on the season two premiere of Nashville. Read the review for our thoughts on the hour.
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On the Nashville Season 1 finale, Deacon finds out a huge secret as Juliette mourns the death of her mother. Read our review for all the juicy details on Nashville!
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When Rayna flies home for a family emergency, Juliette must make alternative plans for the tour. Read our review of this week's Nashville to catch up with these two ladies!
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Deacon made a big decision on his fate with the tour on this week's Nashville. Read our review to see if he's making a GOOD one.
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Nashville Quotes

You picked a hell of a time to start taking my advice.


Marshall: It's not a request.
Rayna: Well I don't take orders.