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The team must hunt down stolen nuclear weapons while Sam and Deeks struggle to overcome the torture inflicted upon them on the season 5 premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles.

A devastating event ignites the rush to find stolen nuclear weapons and has Hetty making changes in the usual partnerships on the season 4 finale of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Kensi's feelings become uncomfortable when she's forced to watch Deeks undercover with a female asset in a dangerous situation on NCIS: Los Angeles.

"Raven & the Swans"

Callen wonders about Hetty's motivations when she assigns the team a case involving a missing undercover operative from the past on NCIS: Los Angeles.


When a cartel boss' body goes missing, Kenzi and Deeks head down to Mexico to investigate while Callen and Sam try to figure out if there's a leak in the DEA on NCIS: Los Angeles.

The team must figure out if cyanide put in a water jug is an isolated incident or a test for a much larger attack on NCIS: Los Angeles.

"Red, Part II"

Part II of the NCIS: LA event introducing us to Team Red.

"Red" is the episode that will potentially launch the NCIS: Los Angeles spinoff. It refers to the new elite team we will meet.

Sam fears for his family's safety when his wife is called to resume a former CIA cover after a case suggests ties to the infamous Sidorov and his stolen nukes.

When an Afghan elder's nephew is missing, Sam offers to help on NCIS: Los Angeles.