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Callen and the OSP team enter a warehouse full of information on various agents. Information that explodes almost immediately when Kensi tries to hack the computer.

Callen fears his past is lost forever - a huge folder bearing his name went up in flames - but he's got bigger fish to fry. Namely an Iranian terrorist looking to rise to power.

The linchpin, interestingly, is a woman masquerading as Callen's sister. She's not actually his sister, but knew her in an orphanage years ago, and took her identity when she died.

We learn that Callen's sister may be dead, but someone has been watching him the whole time ... his mother or his father is still out there.

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I must say, its rare i see a show/ episode of a show that really gets your emotions and adrenaline running full pelt, But watching the last 2 episodes of this really got me feeling so bad for G. I cant wait for the second series, so that i can see if he finds out who was watching him his whole life, and to find out who he really is. 5 Stars ll the way, gotta love NCIS LA


i tried to correct something i typed michael weatherly's name and DOM not o the use of trent kort was good please exchange the gang in dc with los angeles bring Hettie out east to assist in the dc office i really like her linda hunt is great


gail hennessey corrects something in her submission I meant Michael Weatherly not WSeatherly and o was supposed to be DOM i liked his character the use of the Trent Kort character was very good. that was a surprise.


wonderful first year i only wished Macy had been in a few more episodes. I love the cross-over of ncis and ncis-la characters assisting each other. Now it's time to have Kensi and Sam And Callen visit the team in D>C> let Michael WSeatherly go out west for two episodes in exchange with callen or sam. o, should have been kept on longer. Nate "Doc" should go to DC to help out in a case Even have Mike come up from Mexico and go to help Callen That would prove interesting.