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On this week's NCIS: Los Angeles ...

  • A female reporter is murdered as she is about to break a story about a mysterious Libyan freedom fighter.
  • "El-Libi” is broadcasting on U.S soil and being targeted by the Libyan government.
  • Ghadafi's men found out and killed El-Libi in order to take over the airwaves and impersonate him so they could lead the freedom fighters into a trap and slaughter them.
  • Callen learns a great deal about his past from Hetty.
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I would also like to know the name of the song and artist of the final song season 3/ episode 4 of NCIS LA, when Callen is looking at the picture of his mother. Does anyone know? Thanks.


Hi there, can anyone tell me the name of the final song in Season 3, Episode 4 of NCIS Los Angeles. Its when Callun is looking at the picture of his mother.