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William Garrett, a former Navy officer, is contacted by NCIS after his girlfriend was kidnapped at a race and video was publicized on the internet. William now works at a tech start up designing a GPS-data collecting program. The investigation leads NCIS to find out he had actually been hired to create drone software for a Chinese company. 


When William realized they wanted classified information he refused to help them, so they resorted to kidnapping. He exchanged the information but planted a virus that would destroy it within days. In the end, the girlfriend was in on the whole thing and set him up.

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cliche upon cliche, random twists chasing each other off the screen as the viewer sits back aghast at the spectacle before, first, the kidnapping of a girlfriend of an EX-navy officer, he's retired, its a case for the police, the LAPD or even the FBI due to kidnapping being a federal crime, where and why would the NCIS get involved is beyond the legal perview, if this was a serving officer in USN or even a retired admiral ranked person, the logic might have stayed, second, Nell(the nerd girl) is placed at company's office to do what? all the data she's seen accessing could have been done from her own office, no the reason is to create a comical situation withthe office geeks fawning over her,how many times is this going down again? the geeks are not only boys but girls as well now and with the current salary situation, a low level federal cyber analyst, who in appearance is short, fat, dyes hair in ridiculous colours, cannot pass up as the geek fanatsy girl.Third we reach the overworked Deeks(blonde guy) torture and recovery issues, just as in every subsequent episode when it looks like he might be getting over it, someone or somehow the viewer and him are reminded of it, Sam was in the next room going under worse treatment, he's over it, let the other one too or stop teasing and bring in the replacement, which is what in my opinion is being set up here, Callen and Hetti were side lined in this one, the geek boy and tough but good looking girl agent went through the motions, all in all a very weak episode, with respect to story and characters.