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Callen was made last night on NCIS: Los Angeles, and the developments that followed led him on a hunt not only for a security breach, but for clues into his own past.
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The aftermath of Dom's death played out in the hunt for a terrorist leader and the potential resignation of Hetty on last night's NCIS: Los Angeles.
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NCIS: Los Angeles finally revisited the unsolved mystery of Agent Vail last night, with surprising results. "Found" was one of the season's best episodes.
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The NCIS: Los Angeles team goes undercover ... but rarely into the underworld of the shady nightclub scene. "Fame" took us there in a big way.
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NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

A man with no friends doesn't have to worry about them turning into enemies.


They died so I could live - no one could ever repay such a debt.

Ambassador Kelly