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After the horror of Eli David and Jackie Vance's deaths, the team works hard to figure out who was behind the shooting.  The threat of war hinges on the outcome of the investigation, as Iran is implicated.  Meanwhile, Ziva wants only one thing: revenge for her father's death.

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Ziva better get some love and concern from the team in this ep. or I will be fuming. It is bad enough that no one stayed with her in the state she was in after seeing her father dead, but to not have anyone with her when she says her final goodbye will not only heartbreaking but make this viewier say to heck with everyone. Vance has his children to lean on, she has no one. That is not to say that they shouldn't be there for Vance, but I want to see them there for her too.


Just saw some pics for "Shiva"- Vance family and team (didn't see Ziva) at funeral of Jackie; Vance with his children. Ziva and Gibbs at Tony's apartment! Tony and Ziva in a Synagogue (where he asks "What do you want? ANS: Revenge, since her hair is pretty messed up); Ducky and Gibbs in autopsy; and Greg Germann. According to the cast list for "Shiva", the shooter's name was Roland Ames. The character of Gavriela Adel is an Israeli informant for the CIA, so CIA gets involved, at least thru her.


Vance may be hung out to dry for not revealing that he knew Eli was in town. Ziva will probably not be held accountable for the fact that she lied to Gibbs about recognizing Eli in the photo, and then sitting down to dinner with him after learning he had murdered the photographer. Once again - I'm guessing she will be portrayed as the vengeful victim, and not be held accountable for her lies of omission. No one will mention that if she had come clean before the dinner, two deaths may have been prevented. I guess we'll see.


Maybe Jackie Vance is not dead. One plot that could come out would be Who is Vance? In watching past episodes, it shows that the "friend" Vance buried in Chicago is the real Vance. So who really is Rocky Carroll?


ok long time NCIS watcher here. I see where this might be going. yes Jackie is dead....Ziva wants revenge...and Vance showed grieving for most of the show. at the end. Ziva has the guy corner but Gibbs stops her from killing the guy, but out of no where, Vance comes . in shooting him dead. so that leave a decision with Gibbs...arrest Vance...because he should or hide it because of his own passed with going after Shannon and Kelley killer.


Seriously, not about Tony at all. He has serious personality disorders, perhaps should be dealt with in another ep. It isn't the "Michael,,,whatever" show. Cote shone, Ziva's grief at her father's death, gut-wrenching. Get over Tony, please. He'd be a great stalker, that's about it. There are other characters in the show, Tony needs to be reined in.


Anon down there is right about the writers being talented.
V I mean, these are the same people who took huge, bold moves, that could end horribly for the show (like killing off two major characters in one episode) but it paid off completely. The way they do it makes it work so well. Tony and Ziva have very good chemistry. When they first started working together, there wasn't any real feelings there, just flirting. But they've slowly developed over time. Now, I don't think if they do get together, they'd be talking about it all the time in the show. I don't think they'd make every episode about Tiva. Gary Glasberg himself said that if they did get in a relationship, they'd put work first. So, I don't think we would have to expect what some people think: them sneaking off to the copy room to make love. Nu-uh. It's just not in their characters to do something like that. While they would be good just with a normal partnership, I think they benefit better with their chemistry. :)
Just my own personal thoughts. I'm not one of those few Tiva shippers that run around asking for Ziva to be pregnant with Tony's child- ugh, no. Something like THAT would ruin the show. I don't think the writers will do that.
But, to quote, "Life is full of surprises." These writers are very talented, and after ten years of doing really well with show and becoming TV's 1# drama, they probably know what they're doing.


The reason so many of us want Tony and Ziva together is because the writers have been teasing us for 8 years. It is time to let something happen! I do not feel that it will hurt the integrity of the show. These are very talented writers and they could/would do an excellent job of balancing their relationship within the context of the show. There is no way that the writers would let it be the Tony and Ziva show. Having said that, I do feel that a little Tiva romance on the show every once in awhile would be a welcome thing. Shows like Castle and Bones have been able to bring main characters together without hurting the core of the show and I believe it could be the same on NCIS.


Why do some of you want Tony and Ziva to "get together"? that really means that one of them would have to leave the show. Which one? I think the friendship they have covering each other's back would change and part of the greatness of this show is the character like and take care of each other.


I think Vance will have time off the show. He will be written off maybe till close to the end of the season perhaps season finale and I thought they deputy director was supposed to come on some time this year? This would make sense for him taking over. Or perhaps Ziva gets her revenge killing and Vance covers it up and gets fired for it.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Bodnar: And whose grandfather would you be?
Ducky: Well that depends. Who's your grandmother?

You know this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect. It's helped me better understand your choices. I always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs. Now I realize I wasn't close. I never wanted that kind of justice before, but since the other night....hell, that's all I think about. Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief.