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After the horror of Eli David and Jackie Vance's deaths, the team works hard to figure out who was behind the shooting.  The threat of war hinges on the outcome of the investigation, as Iran is implicated.  Meanwhile, Ziva wants only one thing: revenge for her father's death.

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Wow...wondering if Vance will be placed on administrative leave, ostensibly to deal with the death of his wife and to give SecNav time to deal with being left out of the loop and to determine what to do with Vance on along term basis. Vance can't be party to the investigation into his wife's death either so admin leave makes sense at this juncture. Plus it would give the show time to insert an acting Deputy Director for viewers to assess as Vance's probable replacement. Anyone got any ideas who they should cast if they opt for that route.

NCIS Season 10 Episode 12 Quotes

Bodnar: And whose grandfather would you be?
Ducky: Well that depends. Who's your grandmother?

You know this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect. It's helped me better understand your choices. I always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs. Now I realize I wasn't close. I never wanted that kind of justice before, but since the other night....hell, that's all I think about. Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief.