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A murder victim ends up having ties to Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife's new boyfriend.

Ellie Bishop adjusts to life at NCIS.

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Loved tonight's show, Bishop is adjusting and becoming a valuable part of the team. Liked where it ended with DIane and Fornell, whats stupid is bringing COl Mann back after this many years. Once a love interest, needs to stay gone


So NCIS has found a way to get me to stop watching, cold turkey. Yup, its the new girl, I have loved this show for so long, kate died, ziva came on, I even made it through the horror of Jaime Lee Curtis, but I give up. This girl is not for me. Good-bye.

@ Sonde+

With the new girl why do they need the rest of the team, she figures everything out. Disliked tonight's episode. Made them look foolish. This was, and I said was my favorite show, but the new girl doesn't cut it.