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The Season 11 premiere of NCIS, titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” picks up where we left off at the end of Season 10.  After Parson confronts Tom Morrow outside a concert hall about his frustration with the stymied investigation of NCIS, a bomb goes off which kills SecNav Clayton Jarvis, and injuring Morrow. Meanwhile Gibbs is sent to Iran to investigate the death of Lt. McBride, only to find himself in an ambush from which he is rescued by Parsons.  Parsons now believes he was lead into a witch hunt of NCIS, only as a means to discredit the team.  Meanwhile, as a civilian Tony makes plans to join Ziva in Israel, but as he gets ready to leave he comes under fire from a sniper from outside his apartment.  He escapes to NCIS and after learning that Parsons has ended his investigation, he and McGee get their badges back.  When Ducky and Palmer confront and disable an ex-FBI agent who was attempting to hack into their system, the team learns that their firewall has come under attack and that all of their cellphones has been compromised.  This leads Gibbs and Fornell to discover that all of the activity - the assassination attempts, the hacking and the death of McBride are all linked.  NCIS, SecNav and Homeland Security have been getting too close to the truth: that a terrorist organization called "Brotherhood of Doubt" has formed partnerships with U.S. companies, with a view to creating destruction in order to allow those companies to bid on rebuilding infrastructure. When Abby discovers the origins of the bomb from the concert hall, Gibbs and his team storm the terrorists' hideout, only to find it empty, except for some explosives and some pictures of their targets.  Ziva knows what happened with the bombing, and with Tony being targeted, so she goes into hiding.  Tony calls on Ziva's friend Damon Dayoub to rescue her at a safe house.  When they do, they find three dead men in her place, and Ziva gone.

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I do not believe in being negative & saying mean things to other cast members or to CBS, etc...That is uncalled for & very rude. The other cast members have nothing to do with her decision so why others would take it out on them is beyond me. Am I upset that Cote de Pablo is leaving the show? Yes. She has been an intriguing character & played the role well. I will continue to watch because I trust these writers & I love the entire cast. Please do not lump all Ziva/Tiva fans into being one group of big whiners. Most of us are holding our tongues & are being respectful of Cote's decision. It is just a TV show & people leave their jobs all the time-this no different. But please do not tell us that TIVA was a figment of our imaginations. These writers have been writing Tony/Ziva moments since Cote first appeared on the show. Please don't tell me that GG & the other writer's haven't exploited this & took advantage of the fact that many fans enjoyed this relationship. From the looks in "Housekeeping" and "A Desperate Man" to EJ saying that "She does Tony...Ziva....she cares....I'm not talking about movies Tony, I'm talking about you." Not to mention ALL the looks & meaningful conversations & moments that were given to us in season 10. So please do not say we are making this up. It was teased & dragged out too long. So do I think I should have a little pay off for my 8 years of waiting? Sure. Give us 2 episodes & let us enjoy them. No one knows if they are going to tether Tony & Ziva together in an off screen relationship so stop saying that that is what is going to happen. Let's see how it plays out before you start complaining about it.


Sorry I didn't mean to post that twice


@Scott6 One more thing. Leon met Jackie before the mission in Amsterdam. They married after the mission because in Enemies Domestic, Leon mentions to Agent Sharp that he had a girlfriend.


@Scott One more thing. Leon met Jackie before the mission in Amsterdam. They married after the mission because in Enemies Domestic, Leon mentions to Agent Sharp that he had a girlfriend.


Has anyone thought about the radioactive head and how it fits in or am I the only one?


@Scott Gibbs firing the shot took place 4 months after the rest of the season finale.


@ Scott- what writer's blogs?


Although I will miss Ziva as a character, I think that Ziva leaving NCIS will allow the writers to complete the story lines and fill in some blanks that have been left hanging. Number one for me is Eli David and Jackie Vance deaths. Now we know that Leon has assumed his friends identity, see Knockout. My question is about Jackie's role in all this. Leon was a loner until he get befriended by Eli. After Amsterdam, Leon meets and marries Jackie. If Jackie is just a housewife and a former co-ed, she is well placed to keep track of Leons activities. She has proven to be proficient in small arms, remember her shooting of the Chinese assassin, with one shot and with Leon in the line of fire. I feel that she was also a target along with Eli as he was her controller. Notice that she is very familiar with Jewish customs and traditional foods. I don't know how it will all shake out, but I think that this could be a heck of a season. Good luck Cote, we'll miss you.


Here is my theory about the end of Season 10 leading into the beginning of season 11. I think Jethro is their to shoot CIA operative Trent Kort, who has been at one time or another a thorn in the side of NCIS and the CIA as well. I have read many blogs posts from the writers on NCIS and that Tony will be in for a big change in his life this coming season. Surely they will kill off Ziva since they did the same with Kate and Jenny. I think that the first episode of season 11 might be like 6 months to a year later after the end of season 10. Somehow Ziva will be killed but at the time will be pregnant with a little DiNozzo, Tony will think but is not sure he is the father until Ziva tells him with her last dying breath. None of this is probably true but if I was a writer for NCIS this is how i would write it.


As many have stated, believe that NCIS is a Crime Procedural. The fact is, IT IS NOT. The show was created as a CHARACTER DRIVEN SHOW FIRST AND FOREMOST. Please take the time to listen to CAST COMMENTARIES ON THE NCIS SEASON DVDS, CAST INTERVIEWS (especially Mark Harmon's), CBS NCIS WEBSITE INSIDER BLOGS (the Producers/Writers Blogs about their episodes),etc. The CHARACTER DRIVEN FOCUS OF OUR BELOVED CHARACTERS is what has made NCIS a Global hit. The diverse, unique, quirky and once in a lifetime chemistry of the Family along with their trials, tribulations, background tidbits and future storylines which have been left as breadcrumbs over the seasons is the BEST WRITING AND DIRECTION OF ANY SHOW TO DATE!! The episodes have been written around the characters! A writing masterpiece in itself! The very complex Ziva character is part of the puzzle to the show's main counterparts, Tony and also to Gibbs. Fans have rewritten the story and not trusted the Producers and Writers in telling the story of our beloved characters. The actors who play the characters that have given us clues throughout the season (as well on the DVD Commentaries) as to where they hoped to go and let the viewer enjoy the emotional ride through their developing storylines and character development. Some ideas are just not getting through to some viewers and it must be exhausting to the actors who work hard to try and highlight the OBVIOUS BETWEEN CHARACTERS. NEVER WASTE GOOD !! PLEASE DO NOT LOSE FOCUS AS IT IS NOT JUST ANOTHER CRIME PROCEDURAL, LET THE PRODUCERS AND WRITERS SHOW US WHERE GIBBS, TONY, ZIVA, MCGEE, VANCE, ABBY, DUCKY AND PALMER'S CHARACTERS ARE REALLY GOING :-) AND ENJOY THE RIDE !!

NCIS Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?