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A boxer dies on this episode of NCIS. As a result, Vance borrows the NCIS squad and starts to investigatie his death, while Gibbs digs into Vance's past.

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Yeah me too. Vance alaso had the corrective eye surgery.. and vance was a boxer years ago. When Vance & the Banks guy were in the interrigation room, Vance said his name and Banks said to him something like "oh you have made something of your self" what i got from that is that vance isnt really vance. maybe vance and the dead guy switched idenity's because vance's wasnt good enough to get into NCIS??? hopefully that made sense.. haha, we need some answers here!!!
also, i hope Gibbs reads the file. =]


What is up with the guy that dies in the "Knockout" episodes. At the end of the episode, Gibbs learns that the dead guy is the one that had corrective surgery to fix a torn retina... not Vance. Im having trouble peiceing this one together.


something is up with vance. When he became director he went into sheppards office, into his file & pulled out a paper then shredded it... does anyone know what the piece of paper was?? Gibbs is going to find out, hopefully he doesnt get into too much trouble. but Vance is "Friends" with Ziva's father...
this is all so confusing!