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NCIS investigates the death of Corporal Ray Collins when his body and severed feet show up in a dumpster.

His watch GPS leads to a huge truck where in the back there's a cutting table and the hanging remains of 10 severed human feet.

All the victims were part of a motorcycle gang as indicated on the tattoos on their feet. A serial killer is on our hands.

Thanks to Tony and Ziva's sleuthing, the evidence points to Collins as being the mastermind behind the killings.

It’s discovered that Collins was working for a Mexican drug cartel and to prove that he completed a hit he had to bring back the victim’s severed foot.

Collins must have gotten in the way of the competition, however, as he was killed the same way he killed his victims. The killer's killer turns out to be the initially cooperative bar owner, Velvet Road, who was managing the dealers for a rival cartel.

At the request of Alejandro Rivera, of the Justice Department in Mexico, Abby is invited to speak at a law enforcement symposium there.

Vance tells Abby that McGee will be her escort.

While in Mexico, Abby debriefs the students on a 20-year-old cold case where drug dealer Pedro Hernandez was gunned down and killed.

While at the crime scene Abby, McGee and the students are cornered by Paloma Reynosa, head of the Reynosa drug cartel.

Paloma realizes why Abby is there and offers Abby a sniper's bullet attached to a necklace around her neck - evidence left behind at the scene.

Abby requests that they exhume Pedro’s body and fly it back to DC for further investigation. ­There, it's confirmed what she already knows - that Leroy Jethro Gibbs is Hernandez's killer.

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Emmy nomination for Mark Harmon please! He was wonderful last night.


Oh people, Shane Brennan isn't that stupid. He knows which side of his bread is buttered on. Mark Harmon has mentioned in interviews that he has quite a lenghty contract. Although, I was not impressed by the ending of this episode. The silence of Gibbs to Abby's plea made me want to crack him one. I am so sick of that male response!!! I've lived with it too long. So the writer was definately a male. When the show ended I looked at my hubby and said, "How anti-climatic." He wasn't impressed either. We watch because we are getting tired of the reruns on USA. Ciao


I have come to love and adore this TV Series and the characters in it.
I am looking buying a box set until I saw this episode. If Gibbs goes, or Tony or McGee or Zeva or Abby then I am out!! There's no point in buying a TV Series that I hate the ending too.
The Director, Gibbs and others have turn a blind eye to other things in previous episodes why would this be any different, what about when Mike Franks kills the unarmed man right in front of Gibbs in the bar scene (can’t remember the episode) anyway considering the circumstances surrounding this bastards death... he got what he deserved. I got your back Gibbs.
It was a great episode... and I hope to be a fan for a long time to come but it all depends on how this season ends and the next starts. Be smart people don't get rid of the things that make this such a winning combination.


I really really like gibbs and i dont want anything to happen to him so please keep him on


The episode was great. More of Abby and McGee PLEASE!!
Gibbs cannot be prosecuted, come on. A sniper knows to "police" his brass. And isn't it too convenient that this woman wears the bullet around her neck for 20 years, but hands it over to Abby?
Keep on Jethro, you are the best.


The feet were there to prove that he got the hit done. And what mishaps were you talking about? like Mcgee drinking the water and unpasturized yogurt? otherwise, it was an excelent episode. i dont think ncis is becomming to dark, this always happens near the season finally of NCIS. ex. Jenny dies, kate gets shot, team split up, ziva captured by terrorists. the ending is always tence and nerve racking...it keeps the viweres comming back!


A great episode, with some humor, but a special mention to the actors. Fantastic episode, and I loved it. Many mishaps, but still, a must-see episode. :)


The episode was pretty good. I don't like where the storyline is going and find that NCIS is getting very dark and the things that I loved about it are not there. I do agree that Abby being on and having a storyline is great, but I don't like the fact that she is probably going to rat him out. I did not like the previews for next week, seemed like the Mother-In-Law typre show.


Pauly Perrette is "hot" in make-up. She is absolutely devastating without it!


It was a great episode, but please feet in a truck???