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NCIS is called in to investigate the death of Navy recruit Jeffrey Craig who is dead in a high school stairwell after a college fair.

Autopsy results determine that he was killed by a blunt force trauma to the head by what looks like an injury inflicted from a boot.

Recruitment files reveal that a Gordon Zanetti, a rejected applicant, seemed to take his rejection personally and left threatening messages for Craig.

Zanetti happens to work at a furniture mill where boots are common around the factory. However, his alibi checks out leaving our team with no suspects.

While interviewing Craig’s sister, Amy, she reveals to us to that her brother was gay and recently started dating at teacher at the high school.

Glenn Block confesses that he and Craig recently started dating but wanted to keep it under wraps because he was actually married and his wife recently found out.

Block’s wife, angry and with motive, also has an alibi.

Ziva and Tony run into Terry Simmons, a student that Craig was recently recruiting. Terry’s father also happens to be there and is adamantly outspoken against his son enlisting.

While searching for encrypted emails on Craig’s computer our team discovers that Terry was gay and was seeking Craig’s advice.

In the end our killer is revealed to be Terry’s father who was paranoid about what Craig and his son were secretly communicating about.

Ziva reveals the name of her “friend” in Miami that she’s been spending time with.

Ducky’s esteemed predecessor, Doctor Walter Magnus, pays Ducky a surprise visit. However, things for Dr. Magnus aren’t what they seem.

Vance, still recovering from his injuries, seems distracted and a little overwhelmed at being back at work.

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Tiva.... why the hate over DADT subject of NCIS episode? You really DON'T have to watch the show but millions of us will.


It still is an amazing show and it is relevant. You are entitled to your beliefs but we are dealing with reality and DADT is a reality as is the repeal of DADT. The show is not going to put it's head in the sand like an ostrich and pretend it doesn't exist. While some nay sayers are saying the show didn't dwell on it enough as in true NCIS style this may only be scratching the surface. As for the statement that "gays are not in the spot light...." they are not in the spot light the issue is! Military, politicians and citizens have to live in the now and deal with the current issues and this is only one of many.
With an attitude such as the prior one posted I doubt you would be accepted to serve should you apply.
Very proud of this episode and of the cast and writers for tackling two heavy issues with style and grace look forward to seeing more.


This was an absolutely awful episode because of the message. Gays are not to be in the spot light nor are they supposed to be praised. I don't believe in bullying gays, but I do believe the act of homosexuality is completely wrong. Love is meant to be between man and wife. Gays should not be acceptable to society, much less on television being praised for being "true to themselves". NCIS is normally such an awesome show, what's happened?

NCIS Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

(Ziva, Tony and McGee are discussing Ziva's vacation with her elusive boyfriend)
McGee: So when do we get to meet him? And please tell us his name!
Tony: Oh no! Please, let me guess. Zeus? Er...Thor?
Ziva: His name is Ray.
Tony: Ray! What a nice little name! Ray, like Ray Crocker, Ray Charles, Sugar Ray...
Ziva: Erm...I promise you, Ray is a good man.
(Tony smiles at her jokingly before he realises she is being serious)

(Paul Simmons is sitting in the Navy recruitment office)
Recruiter: Well, Paul, why don't we discuss your options?
Paul: I really think the Navy can offer me the opportunities that I'm looking for. I'm ready to serve my country and I wanna be a part of something special.
(Paul smiles as he looks towards Gibbs who is stood in the background listening in)