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NCIS is placed on high alert when the "Port to Port" killer makes his way to the Navy Yard.

Gibbs enlists the help of his good friend Mike Franks to help he and his team track down the port-to-port killer when it's evident that someone at NCIS is his next target. ­

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The Name of the Band is 'The Boxer Rebellion'
(The Song: "Caught By The Light")


What music was played during the "Swan Song" episode, please? If I remember correctly, there was a tune, with lyrics sung by a raspy-voiced male artist, with possible lyrics "remember me when I am gone" maybe - can anyone help?


second time i saw this episode. very upset about mike franks leaving. he really looked bad and i hope he's not ill. let me know


Hi some one asked what channel it is on in UK. You may have found out already but its on Channel Five 105 on sky.

Heather moyer gendeloff

Poor Gibbs he lost his mentor and good friend. Now he will be out for blood to get the P2P killer. I just hope he and the get him before someone else gets hurt. Wow the eye was Korts. Maybe he can be the next to get killed. Never did like him.


Amy... NCIS is on every Tuesday night on CBS, but you can get hours of all the episodes on reruns on the USA chanel


the death of mike franks will be the end of gibbs...i hope he kills vance soon, the eye is corts


its on cbs


what channel is it on and which channel can i watch it in the uk i have sky if it helps :):):):)