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-Baseball phenom Darryl Hutchinson is having issues once again as he gets his shot at major league baseball.  Dani tries to help but he runs off and no one can find him. Dani thinks it has something to do with Joseph Crabcheck.


-Crabcheck's name also comes up in Nico's investigation of V3 laundering money to a children's hospital in the Cayman Islands that doesn't exist. 


-When Connor tells Dani she can no longer treat Hutch because he's left V3, she quits. He begs her to come back but she isn't sure.


-Dani tells Nico that if he won't be honest with her about what's going on, he can leave and not come back. He kisses her and they realize there may be a connection between Hutch and Nico's investigation.


-After a lot of drama, TK and Sheera get back together and get engaged.


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You write very well!


What is with the stupid script read. It was such a good show until the July 31 episode when they inserted the stupid script direction. Same thing happened with psych and it was dumb then. Stop it usa it's irritating.

Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

The only way to get over a good woman is to get under an even better one.


She's more like the Dali Drama. She keeps calling and texting trying to get back with me.