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"Stuck in a Bar"

Jess calls her friends for advice when she must make up her mind about a new job in only 20 minutes on New Girl.

"Thanksgiving III"

On New Girl, a Thanksgiving camping trip takes a turn for the worse when the gang realizes they didn't bring any food.

"Longest Night Ever"

Schmidt becomes distressed after Coach takes Cece out on a date.


Jess leads an environmental crusade and Nick tries to get in shape on New Girl.


When Coach returns, Jess and Nick's relationship gets a shake-up on New Girl.


On New Girl, Schmidt receives an uplifting email from his old pal, movie star Michael Keaton--but it was actually penned by Nick, Jess, and Winston.

"The Box"

When Nick receives an inheritance, Jess immediately tries to use the funds to pay some unpaid bills while Schmidt turns to a rabbi for advice on New Girl.

"The Captain"

Schmidt tries to destroy Nick and Jess's relationship on New Girl.

"Double Date"

A double date descends into chaos as the truth about Schmidt comes out on New Girl.


Jess succumbs to peer pressure at her new job, Schmidt juggles women, and Winston thinks Daisy might be cheating on him, on New Girl.