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Schmidt pretends to be one of Mitt Romney's sons in order to date a hot Republican woman, but his plan backfires and he turns to CeCe for comfort. 

After realizing that their friendship had crossed a line, Nick and Jess reevaluate their relationship. They admit their mutual attraction to each other, but they decide to stay just friends. For now. 

Winston and Shelby's relationship has hit a dry spell and when Winston tries to talk to her about it, she shuts him down. 

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THis was hilarious! I love it that they are such good friends ... and that they actually talked about having had thoughts about being together. Good for you, Nick, for saying you don't want others telling you what you can and cannot do with Jess ... and for saying if you wanna build her a dresser - you'll build her a damned dresser! "Do your thang, girl!"