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Nikita didn't air a new episode this week. But it returns on October 21 with "Resistance" and we've got an early look at it now, via a handful of photos.
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Nikita takes a week off on Thursday, October 14. But then it returns with an exciting episode titled "Resistance," previewed here.
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Doubts about Alex were erased on Nikita this week. We learned a lot more about that character, as outlined in this review of "The Guardian."
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We went further into the world of Nikita this week, as the CW drama continued to shine. Read on and see if you agree with our tae on "Rough Trade."
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Ready to take a close look into the past of Nikita? Next week's episode sheds some light on her first mission with Division.
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Nikita teamed up with a journalist played by Julie Gonzalo this week. The pairing, and its adventure, made for an exciting episode.
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Who will you be?


I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me. You get his personal attention.


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