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On the season finale of Nurse Jackie, one of Jackie's major secrets got exposed. Here's how it all went down:

- Jackie told Eddie they had to officially cool it because she had to work on her marriage. He took the news surprisingly well. But as this was going down, Kevin was looking into his wife. He found a suspicious key on her chain and found his way to her P.O. box. Inside, he discovered another big pharmacy bill.

- Kevin responded by meeting with O'Hara. He told her how he begged Jackie to NOT take her money and helped her come to the same trouble realization he had arrived at: Jackie was a drug addict. These two confronted Jackie with that accusation when she got home, and she didn't take it well. She fled to the bathroom, locked herself in and imagined herself in rehab. It must not have taken, as her final words of the season were: Blow me.

- Elsewhere, Sam punched Coop in the nose after learning the latter had slept with his girlfriend.

- Zoey presented Lenny with a presented and these two made out and remained adorable.

- Bill Martin, the dude who Jackie ripped off two weeks ago, finally tracked her down and threatened her. But Thor came to the rescue, tackling the dude in the hospital hallway.

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Where's Momo? The only thing that would have made this season perfect would be to bring my Momo back!!!!!!


Edie Falco has been a part of two great finales: one a series finale, the other a season finale. This was perhaps the best season finale since the Sopranos goodbye a few years ago.


What an amazing show. For me season two went by way too fast. The way Jackie's world started to crumble in the last couple of episodes was so neatly formulated that it indeed mimicked real life. No dramatic highs or lows... just small real moments that have much more meaning in the long run. The whole cast this season fleshed out much more than I thought they would. Kevin felt fairly one dimensional last season but I actually started to see him much more than just a pretty bartender in the past few episodes (the couch scene in the bed and breakfast segment was hilarious). And Zoey and Lenny could not be a more adorable couple of characters, duck sauce and all. Season one I fell in love with Jackie... season two I fell in love with everyone else in the cast! (GREAT ENDING!!!!!)