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Married tourists Roberto and Sidney are in a jeep accident on the way to the airport.  A very pregnant Sidney goes into labor and is rushed to the clinic.  Roberto is hit by a mudslide and trapped under a fallen tree.  Tommy and Ryan stay behind with him to wait for the rescue crew.

Ryan and Tommy manage to pull Roberto out from under the tree but he starts coughing up blood and has trouble breathing.  He’s suffering from a pulmonary contusion caused by a blow to the chest.

Roberto tells Tommy that he was once like him, afraid of commitment but Sidney saved him and he’s happier than he’s ever been. Roberto gets worse and fall unconscious as the doctors fight to keep him alive.

Back at the clinic, Sidney needs a c-section.  She begins to panic when Roberto isn’t there and Lily suggests they get Roberto on the radio.  Ben radios Tommy and finds out that Roberto is unconscious and may not make it.  Tommy tells him that Roberto’s last wish was for the baby to be named Max, Sidney’s preferred name not his.

Ben lies to Sidney, saying the radio connection was disrupted but Roberto is fine and delivers the message about the baby’s name.  Sidney relaxes and baby Max is born but due to complications both he and Sidney need a blood transfusion.

Unfortunately the rescue team never arrives and Roberto is brain dead.  Ben tells Ryan and Tommy to keep bagging Roberto and carry him back to the clinic.  They need his heart beating so they can use his blood to save his family.

Lily is furious that Ben lied to her patient and breaks the news to Sidney.  Sidney refuses to accept the transfusion until Tommy recounts how much Roberto loved her and would want her to go on.  Both mother and child are saved.

Mina gets on Otis’ nerves at the clinic and he sends her to the village festival. While there, she witnesses Jorge being electrocuted by a fallen wire. The electricity shoots through his leg and out through his chest causing third degree burns.  Mina and Charlie rush him to the clinic.

As Jorge hangs between life and death he tells the story of the beautiful women he was looking for at the festival. They had bonded over their love of comic books but he lost her in the crowd and never got her name. Charlie is enthralled by the story but Mina in unimpressed.

Mina diagnoses that Jorge has a rare type of malaria which helped him survive the electrical shock but is also causing his enlarged spleen. She is able to treat him and she and Charlie go to the festival and find Jorge’s lost love, sending her to the clinic to see him.

Ryan talks to Lily who is still upset with Ben.  Ryan tells her to go easy on him.  Years back, Ben lost his wife and child.  Lily is stunned.

Ryan crawls into bed with a sleeping Ben but as she wraps her arms around him he mumbles the name Abby in his sleep.

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I totally agree with wednesdayafterschool he simply went to get his iPod to help the birth of his baby and then out of nowhere an avalanche comes and basically kills him. I felt very bad for sydney because if I were he I would be sad and scared and have many emotions because not only is she going to labour in the jungle her husband is stuck under a trre and then the power goes out. I do hope that sparks fly between lily and Ben. I did think it was veery cute when Charlie asked Lily if he knew here name and then ran off very happy. I found the whole story about bens past was Frey sad and then in the end when Ryan went into his bed and he whispered "Abby" It was a sad moment. I am hoping this show goes on forever because every episode gets better and better. I am starting to really like Minas character. She has a very funny sense of humor. She is sort of like the christina on greys anatomy. Very into her work and has a bit of an attitude. Keep up the great episode!!Ap!! I also find that they choose very good actors and actresses.


I need to make this short because i got my last post deleted but im gonna state parts i loved from this episode: -i loved how when roberto went to get a simple ipod, it made a drastic change to his life. be careful wat u do, an avelanche might come falling behind u. ahhaha. -i loved how the electricuted guys story was mostly about his backround story-rather than- his medical emergency. he of course survived whihc was great, but i moreso loved how mina and charlie found his true love, the blue dress girl -i loved at the end when charlie made sure lily new his name, like jorge told him to, because she obviously was his crush this was dedicated to my friend, so i can say that i posted something on this episode. I DELETED IT-BY ACCIDENT!


OMG. Wow, the episodes keep getting better...and better...and better...every episode. I really hope that the producer's keep it up.
So, in this episode i first saw Sydney and u obviously originally think that she is the one out of roberto and her that is going to be the most critically injured or sadly, die, in this episode. It is one of those times where u r very frustaded in the part where roberto goes to get the Ipod for their birth plan. If he had not have gone back for the Ipod he would have come to the hospital with his wife and been there and stayed to watch his son be born.
its very frusterating but of course they have to do things like that to keep the show more interesting. next, i thought that it was amazing with the guy who was electricuted. for his story however, i more so appreciated his backround story about the girl in the blue dress-his true love- rather than his medical story. i loved how he showed mina what true love meant to him, and i loved when they found the blue dress girl and mina wanted to. and of course my favourite part of the episode, with a funny twist, was that since the guy who had electricuted had told charlie that its very important that ur true love knows her name, i loved when charlie went up to lily and said:
"just checking. u no my name right?"
lily: "yeah, charlie."
charlie:""okay good. just checking" or something along those lines.
it was very cute how charlie had a crush on lily, which i thought was an unexpecting funny part. NEXT EPISODE TOMORROW.
ps. i still love the line "being a doctor here doesnt end at time of death" said by ryan.

Off the Map Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Ah, Americans and their birth plans. The birth plan around here is to squat in a bush and get back to work.


This is officially the festival of Ryan's giant balls.