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-At one time Will Scarlet, now the Knave of Hearts conned Robin Hood and his Merry Men into helping him steal a looking glass from Maleficent for his love, Anastasia.


-The looking glass turns out to take them to Wonderland and we recognize that Anastasia eventually becomes the Red Queen.


-In present day Wonderland,Jafar and The Red Queen intercept Alice's message to Cyrus and try to make her use her wishes by sending a Bandersnatch after her. Little do they know that Cyrus taught her how to defeat one long ago and she and the Knave kill it while being held by a Grendel.


-Jafar kills the Grendel after finding out that Alice was there with the Knave of Hearts.


-After retrieving a Forget Me Not, Alice and Will can see that the White Rabbit took Cyrus' bottle and gave it to the Red Queen.


-Instead of giving the Forget Me Not to the caterpillar to repay his debts, Will destroys it to avoid giving the greedy creature such power over Wonderland and continues on his journey with Alice. 

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I have tried, just can't get into this show...and I hate Alice

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm not going to steal your wishes, genie. I'm simply three wishes away from owning it.


Jafar: You should know better than anyone, magic always comes at a price.
Cyrus: So does stealing it.