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-Alice and the Knave of Hearts search for Cyrus' genie bottle but find it missing. The Red Queen stole it before Jafar could find it. 


-Alice worries that Cyrus has simply moved on until she gets his origami bird that magically flies to her with a letter he's sent. He warns her to go back home because Wonderland is far too dangerous. She sends a message back saying she's coming for him.


-In flashbacks we see Cyrus giving Alice her three wishes. When they fall in love she decides to never use them so that Cyrus can remain with her always.


-Jafar threatens the Red Queen. He needs Cyrus, his bottle and Alice to be able to reverse the rules of magic.  Those are, Magic can't kill, Magic can't bring back the dead, Magic can't change the past, and it can't make someone fall in love. 

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