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-In the fairy tale world, Charming gets help from Rumplestiltskin in order to find Snow. His kiss awakens her from her sleep and they vow to take back the kingdom, together.

-With Henry's life in the balance, Emma finally believes in the curse. She can finally see that August has turned to wood.

-Emma and Regina must work together to retrieve the true love potion that Rumplestiltskin has hidden in order to save Henry.

-Regina lowers Emma down a magic elevator where she must use her father's sword to battle a dragon who holds the potion. When she finally retrieves it, Mr. Gold steals it from her.

-Jefferson is angry because Regina didn't honor her bargain once again. He breaks Belle out of her hospital prison and tells her to find Mr. Gold and tell him that Regina has been holding her prisoner.

-When Henry dies at the hospital, Emma's kiss brings him back and breaks the curse. Everyone remembers their pasts but they remain in Storybrooke.

-David and Mary Margaret finally reunite, knowing their true selves. Regina tells Henry that no matter what, she loves him and then she runs.

-Belle finds Mr. Gold and he takes her to the magic well where he throws in the last of the true love potion. A mysterious purple cloud descends over Storybrooke. He tells Belle that it is the return of magic. When Regina sees it she smiles.

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I love, LOVE....this show, I so thought Regina was the one who would be forced to free Henry with a selfless true love act, I still think that she will by the end of the series...However, I didn't think Gold/Rump from now on I will call Gorump, end game was to bring magic to our realm, I thought he wanted to free himself to go see his son since no one could leave, but with Belle alive and reunited, my theory is all kinds of confused. I do think Henry's dad may just be Gorump's son... but then Emma said he was bad news, so maybe in this world he turned evil and powerful....oh my mind is swimming...

Beverly brooks

Magic is the word for next season.


Please, somebody put the recap!


Season 2 is going to be insane!!


It was GREAT, I DEFINITELY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE! Look forward to seeing it every week. One of my favorite shows or should I say Favorite Show!


Just saw it. In a simple spoiler free review? YOU MUST WATCH THIS. Everything is epic. Everything you want to see is shown. Every plotline, every character. The ending is out of this world and leaves you craving more.


Of course Henry will live. Henry said it himself: "good will always beat evil"


i don't think henry will survive because in regina's fairy tale land henry is her father & she killed her own father for the curse to live. but in this world where there is no magic there's a chance henry might live in order for the curse to die !.