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-In the past, Hook (aka Lt. Killian Jones) was on a mission with his brother, a Captain, to find a magical plant that could cure any illness or injury. The search led them to Neverland.


-Pan tells them that the plant the King sent them for is actually Dreamshade and will kill not cure. To prove Pan wrong, Hook's brother uses it and falls dead. Peter Pan gives Hook the healing waters of Neverland to cure him.


-Later, when they leave Neverland, Hook's brother falls dead. You can never leave Neverland once you've had drunk the water. Furious with the King and his betrayal. Hook becomes a pirate. 


-With Emma's blessing, Regina rips out the heart of a Lost Boy to get a message to Henry. They tell him not to lose hope and that his family is coming for him.


-Hook offers Charming the cure of the healing waters but explains he'll never be able to leave Neverland. Charming agrees and takes it but only tells his family that Hook saved him from an attack from a Lost Boy.


-Emma kisses Hook in thank you for saving her father. 

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

So what, you want to send him a message because I haven't seen a Neverland post office?


Don't you know the best thing about being a Lost Boy? We never apologize.

Peter Pan