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-In the past, Baelfire was lured away from Rumpelstiltskin by the Pied Piper who turned out to be Peter Pan. Rumpel and Pan have a history that goes back to their childhoods. 


-Rumpelstiltskin finds Neal on Neverland and the two work together to save Henry. But when Pan tells Neal about the prophecy that Henry will be Rumpel's undoing, Neal leaves his father behind.


-Rumpel is heartbroken that Neal won't trust him, and tells the vision of Belle to leave. 


-Later Pan takes an unconscious Henry back. The boy still has no idea that his father is alive and begins to fall under Pan's spell.


-Emma, Charming, Snow, Regina, and Hook search for a way to escape Neverland once they have Henry. They end up in a cave Neal once called home but his map is coded. Emma mourns his death.


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